Accommodation policy

All guests staying at Radina’s Way Hotel are required to comply with the hotel’s general rules:


Check-in from 2:00 p.m., rooms must be checked out from until 12:00 p.m.. Late check-out is chargeable and subject to availability. The hotel reserves the right to confirm late check-out options up to 24 hours in advance. Please note that in case of late check-out, the room may be changed. To avoid queues at checkout, please arrange to pay your bills in advance.


It is not allowed to bring food and drinks into the rooms, as well as to bring and consume food and drinks purchased outside the hotel territory. Please note that all food and drinks available in the minibar are chargeable. The amount of food and beverages consumed will be added to the room bill. If you do not want to use the mini bar service, please inform the reception. You are not allowed to put your own food and drinks in the mini fridge. The mini bar is replenished daily.


Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be taken out of the premises where they were purchased. Excessive consumption of alcohol is a reason for early vacating the room and leaving the hotel, without the right to a refund.


According to Bulgarian legislation, alcohol is not offered or served to guests under the age of 18.


In accordance with Bulgarian legislation, Hotel Radina’s Way maintains a no smoking policy in all internal areas of the hotel, including: guest rooms, public areas and corridors. For guests who do not comply with our policy, a fine of BGN 200 is imposed, which will be added to the room bill. Designated smoking areas are distributed within the outdoor area of the hotel.


The dress code in all public places on the hotel grounds is official. Guests are allowed in swimwear only in the hotel pool. In keeping with our pleasant atmosphere, as well as for security reasons, please always wear long trousers in the common areas of the hotel and restaurant.

The hotel reserves the right not to tolerate unacceptable levels of noise or guest behaviour. In the event of refusal to comply, the hotel reserves the right to terminate the reservation without liability for refund or compensation. It is the hotel’s policy not to discriminate on the basis of race, colour, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, ethnic origin or disability. Guests and employees are expected to adhere to this policy and the hotel reserves the right to remove from the hotel any person or persons who commit violations of this policy.


We expect all guests to behave in a pleasant and cultured manner. Jumping, profanity and unruly behaviour are offensive to the hotel guests and may result in an early vacating of the rooms and leaving the hotel without the right to a refund. Radina’s Way Hotel has a zero-tolerance policy, in cases of arrogant behaviour, towards people in an obviously intoxicated or disorderly state, where they destroy or threaten to destroy hotel property, cause or threaten to cause a breach of public order; refuses or is unable to pay for consumed food, beverages or services. Radina’s Way Hotel may limit the number of people occupying a particular room. The hotel reserves the right to penalize a guest or guests who intentionally or negligently cause damage to the hotel or its furnishings. If such damage is discovered after the guest has departed, the hotel reserves the right to contact the tour operator or other authorities for further assistance. No exceptions are made. Please comply with the following general rules: 1. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Children should not be left unattended. 2. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to use any of the hotel elevators unless they are accompanied by an adult. 3. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed alone in the restaurant and must be accompanied by a responsible person. 4. Running along the corridors of the hotel is absolutely prohibited, except for the areas specially designed for children’s activities. 5. Use of lasers in the hotel area is absolutely prohibited. For any violations, Radina’s Way staff have the right to confiscate lasers, balls, etc. 6. Children under the age of 16 are not allowed to use the equipment in the gym, sauna and steam room. 7. Climbing on the fence, chairs and tables is absolutely prohibited. 8. The hotel reserves the right not to tolerate unacceptable levels of noise or guest behaviour. 9. All guests are obliged to comply with the rules, instructions and verbal recommendations of the staff. 10. Management reserves the right to check guests’ luggage.


Guests using profanity or abusive language, symbols and gestures will be asked to leave the hotel, with no right to a refund.


Pets are not allowed in the hotel, except for special service animals.


The hotel has its own parking, which is free for hotel guests, subject to the availability of parking spaces. The hotel is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles parked on the hotel grounds.


From check-in to the hotel until check-out, each guest grants the right to be photographed, videotaped or photographed without payment or remuneration.



Hotel Radina’s Way provides its guests with the use of magnetic key cards. Each card is individually coded for each room. Guests are guaranteed that no one except authorized staff can enter the room. Each member of the staff has an individually designated access area within the hotel, determined in accordance with their responsibilities and duties.
We have our own team of trained security guards working 24 hours a day to ensure the safety and security of our guests. People who are not guests of the hotel are not allowed to use the hotel facilities, except when the management has ordered this.

Hotel Radina’s Way is equipped with a video surveillance system that covers the public areas. There are more than 10 cameras in the hotel.


The hotel is equipped with an access control system. Each staff member has an individual card allowing access to the required areas. There are security checks when entering and leaving the hotel.


Hotel Radina’s Way provides a safe in every room. Its use is charged as an additional service. For detailed information, please ask at the reception. The hotel is not responsible for any valuables or money left unlocked and outside the safe, both in the rooms and in the common areas.


In the event of a power outage, Radina’s Way Hotel has emergency generators to restore essential power supplies.


We offer room cleaning every day between 08:00 and 16:00. If there is a Do Not Disturb sign posted until 3:00 PM, the room will be cleaned the next day. If you need anything after 16:00, please ask at reception.


Hotel Radina’s Way is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings. All rooms are equipped with in-room safes (extra charge). In case of found items, the hotel undertakes to contact the guest and send the lost item at the expense of the owner. Unclaimed items within 30 (thirty) days will be donated to a local charity or disposed of.


Any comment or complaint regarding the stay should be made to the front office or hotel manager during the stay so that the matter is resolved immediately. In other cases, except for death or grievous bodily harm caused by the hotel’s negligence, the hotel’s liability to guests is limited to the price of the reservation. If the hotel is liable under the above clause, the guest is indemnified from and against all liability and any claims, actions or damages due or arising from the guest. The hotel shall not be liable for non-performance in the event that said refusal is due to a factor beyond the management’s jurisdiction. The hotel reserves the right to charge guests for damages caused knowingly, through negligence or imprudence. If the damage becomes apparent after the guest has checked out, the hotel reserves the right to charge the guest’s credit card or send an invoice for the amount due for repairs. The hotel is subject to statutory inspections, including fire, licensing, entertainment, health, hygiene and safety. All conditions are interpreted in accordance with Bulgarian legislation. Liability: The hotel does not accept any liability for services provided by third parties to guests.


All prices are in national currency, which is Bulgarian Lev (BGN). All payments are processed in BGN as required by law. The following credit cards are accepted at the reception: Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, Mastercard, AMEX, Diners Club, Discover.



In case of lifting, jamming or other emergency situations that occur during the movement with the elevators in the hotel, immediately activate the alarm buttons, located in the elevator cabin. FIRE SAFETY Radina’s Way is a newly built hotel with materials and equipment of the latest generation, which provide reliable protection and security. As we are very responsible for the safety of our tourists and staff, we have taken very serious measures to prevent any fire incidents.

– All employees have undergone fire safety training and are familiar with fire procedures.

– Evacuation plans are located on the back of the doors in each room, as well as on each floor next to the elevators. Please read them carefully.  The hotel is equipped with smoke detectors in the rooms and common areas. There is a fire alarm system (sound and light).

– Fire extinguishers and fire hoses of appropriate size are located on each floor and next to each elevator.

– All staircases and corridors are separated from the rest of the hotel, with materials that have at least 60 minutes fire resistance. If fire or smoke is detected, please call reception. Tell the receptionist: 1. the nature of the emergency 2. the floor and room number 3. the extent of the fire and any other necessary information 4. Do not hang up the phone until instructed to do so.


In the event of a natural disaster: Remain calm and follow the instructions of personnel. Don’t panic. Stay in place wherever you are. Most injuries occur when people enter or exit buildings. In case of an earthquake, take cover. If you are inside, stand under a desk or table, against an interior wall, or under an interior door. Stay away from glass, windows and exterior doors. If you are outside, stay away from buildings, sidewalks and power lines. Use the stairs; do not use the elevators. The hotel staff will show you all the safe exits. You can then exit the building. In the event of an earthquake, do not use candles, matches or open flames. Gas installations may be damaged and the flame may cause explosions or fires. If you leave your room or the building, make sure the hotel staff knows where you are.


In case of violation of hotel rules and policies, the management may resort to termination of reservation immediately without liability for refund or compensation. All guests, employees and representatives of tour operators are expected to adhere to this policy and hotel management reserves the right to expel any person or persons found to be in violation of this policy. For further information on hotel policies and services offered, please refer to the AZ Guide which can be found in each room


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